Bet9ja rewards :Life time players Points

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Welcome to the new Bet9ja Rewards. Earn player points and bonus cash rewards for real money gaming activity on SPORT & CASINO. The more you play, the more points bonus cash rewards you will earn. Terms & Conditions Apply.

Bonus Multiplier / Rank

Earn player points quicker by improving your playing rank. The higher rank you are the larger the points multiplier. Earning points faster will mean earning cash bonus rewards quicker.
The rank status achieved at the end of the current month will be your start rank (including multiplier) for the next month and your monthly player points will be reset to 0. This means you can keep the rank status you achieved in the previous month for the whole of the next month. You will also be able to maintain or increase your rank easier for the following month because you will start the month at a higher points multiplier.
RankMultiplierPoints req.

Cash Bonus

Each cash bonus progress bar requires a number of player points to complete. Complete the progress bar in the time given to earn the cash bonus. The more you play the more cash bonuses you can win.

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